Crystal Vision Episode 1 is ALIVE #omg

I haven’t written on here for ages, because 1: Kitty Pryde is totally more important than any other artist in the world so i don’t wanna embed shitty remixes of M.I.A or gifs of Madonna pissing her rotten old self or w/e… but also because 2. I’ve been working on an actual real-life thing that is now finished. Scuze me for sounding like a cnt, but it’s like a party on the internet, and you can control it at home. So you don’t gotta dress up, shave your legs, put on your social-voice or even set your webcam to a flattering angle. Just watch this, click some shit and lie back in your Adidas joggers eating jumbo bags of onion rings and drink some Ribena. It’s basically the future.

and *yes* that’s me being an awkward stumbling prick, over gesticulating wildly and tripping over imaginary video boxes. Soz for breaking the MySpace illusion.

But yeah this party video is full of goodness like Peter & Kerry, MC’s Faizer and Koder, Hyperfrank, AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire with Georgia LA (babe) from SBTV plus we got soundtracked by Daniel Avery (he used to be StopMakingMe) who is perfect, here’s his 30 minute party set, you can even download it to repeat 4ever.

I’m making another one soon – if you wanna be involved and you’re not shit, email us: or tweet us❤ @crystalvisiontv

Audi hunnays!


~ by milkteef on July 26, 2012.

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