When one of my hu$tler bbz from Twittter was declaring some faceless bish from YouTube the realist rapper, I understandably wanted to like her as much as chicken pox. But this creepy little bitch rapping over Charnsuka is a RIOT❤ you know how we all made fake radio shows on our TalkBoys when we were 10? Or home videos of us prancing about in high ponytails and Adidas leggings storming through Spice Girl routines? This is the 2k12 version and Kitty Pryde is TRILL SPICE.

“i hate the world i luv your shampoo”

When i was 14 i hated the world (i was waiting for internet to exist in my village, struggling with frizzy hair pre-GHD and waiting for my tits to pad out my velour orange polo shirt from Tammy Grrl) but i luved making out in the park and passing notes to sk8r boys in Etnies with velcro logos. Who the fuck doesn’t make sense of lyrics like that? She ain’t after a Peace Prize she just wants to get high and make out with Supreme boys, she works in Claires Fucking Accessories FFS, what could be more golden?

Go stalk her track about fan-grrling over Justin Bieber, smashing up Selena Gomez in her wedding car and the ultimate faith that one day Justin will be her bwoy.

and then this is track sending every guy bananas – Okay Cupid (which btw is an American dating site) where she chats shit about snorting pills (what is this Myspace?!) with her BFF crew in the background looking like Kill Rock Star groupies, getting her lip tattoo out and bunny boiling with pure pride❤ I fckn love Kitty Pryde CHICK IS REALITY>>

“shawty you’re a ten, i wait for you drunk dials at 3.30am – i love them
so call me sober when you’re ready, not going steady, but babe i’ve planned our wedding already”

“so much discussion over a song i wrote in traffic to impress a boy
its like making a grilled cheese and listening to hundreds of thousands of people bitch about how it isnt gourmet” – KP 2012

Go send her adoration and haikus here: @kttydothedishes tell her i sent u for extra fame.

~ by milkteef on May 13, 2012.

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