Zebra Katz and Fckn Bratz

I got a death threat on Twitter this week from a One Direction stalker who accused me of being ‘another Caroline-cougar bitch chasing Harry who doesn’t deserve to have met the best boys in the world’  :-D  i’m gonna RT it in 3 years when she’s working in Tesco after failing her music B.Tech and capture her cyber cringe.

Here’s something from Mad Decent that sits really neatly in my bwains right now , you can get it £0 over here http://thejeffrees.com and if you listen to it on repeat for 3 hours it might wash away the fact that pop-phlegm  Stooshe exist (but i can’t promise anything obz)

Here’s something so fckn perfect it makes me Brat out like a Haribo sponsored Olsen Twin themed party. You know I’m always heavy in❤ with Lapalux and this time he’s musically hooked up with Lianne La Havas to birth this baby:

What I’m really after is some unsettling new music that makes me feel like I’m being followed home by the guy that guards the cava in my local shop, he’s got one eye and no sense of personal space – do you know a track that can do this? SHARE IT WITH ME PLZ @Laura_Milkteeth

Laura May Coope

~ by milkteef on April 18, 2012.

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