Nardwuar vs. A$AP Rocky at SXSW 2012

Does Nardwuar get groupies? I often wonder. Little geeky fresh bishes in plaid with pre-planned gifts, like a rare banoffi flavoured condom from a Kool Aid/Durex collaboration that happened in 1999? That Nardwuar once blogged about anonmously and has never mentioned since?

Fuck know. And groupies don’t carry condoms so lez just shelf that thought.  If you’re confused – and shame on your babyface if you are – Nardwuar is an interviewing genius that stalks elite celebrities and pickles their brains with personal information and 105% targetted gifts that have big boys like Jay Z and Slipknot weeping with emotion into their banknotes. Watch it all  here and praise him good.

He got his golfing attire over to Austin for SXSW and hooked up with A$AP Rocky and the A$AP crew. That priddy Motherfuckur Rocky looks like Derren Brown just levitated across the warehouse when Nardwuar starts chatting about Harlem hangouts and Desree (not Des’ree, gutted).  Watch it all here if U YOUNG&TRILL >>>>

~ by milkteef on March 21, 2012.

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