This isn’t fresh out of the audio-womb, but it’s been bubbling in my brain for the last few weeks like an urgent lullaby. Now i’m screeching “KICK DOWN DOOORS” as I’m eating Golden Grahams in the morning and barging bitches out my way on Oxford Street at 9.45am chanting “MURKAGE IS A FREIGHT TRAIIINNNNN” like some bass-possessed banshee.

‘Torches’ is the latest track from Manchester bosses Murkage and it manages to squish the atmosphere of a local derby football match with Aiya Napa at 4am in the square. Which i know sounds gash and terrifying, but it’s fucking liberating when you sit on the tube with this grinding through your brain, whilst everyone else is swaying gently to that fucking Gotye song. Go and stalk my murky-babes on Facebook and Twitter to shower them with cyber-chants.

and cause Murkage are such kind kittens you can download Torches for FR££ right here:

You can even see some melon-eating backstage efforts here:

~ by milkteef on February 23, 2012.

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