Brianna Perry // Nicki Minaj – Marilyn Monroe

At first this sounds like a rejected Beyonce album track. Then it sounds like some drunk bitch swigging cough syrup and missing her intro.

THEN it suddenly sounds fucking amazing and i don’t really know why. Maybe cause I got distracted by her tits or lipstick or something. Rhyming ‘arrogant’ and ‘Marilyn’ isn’t what I learnt during my degree but I’m pretty sure Brianna is balling whilst i’m eating Tesco value soup for lunch, so go die Portsmouth University.

There’s loads of chat about Nicki Minaj dropping a track by the same name, but it sounds like Total Eclipse of the Heart so forget that.

~ by milkteef on February 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “Brianna Perry // Nicki Minaj – Marilyn Monroe”

  1. I bet this bitch wrestles alligators.

  2. This is a jam(!!!!!!!!!!!!). Needs to be a hit.

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