take care // neu music from DJ Trizzy + Lapalux

London is bleak right now. My housemate and I spent last night listening to Robyn as I fake tanned and then watched Dragons Den. We heard a whole heap of sirens and the odd group-chant, but you don’t fuck with the Turkish guys that run our local shop and they just lit a fag and refused to close up so everything seemed safe y’know.

Obviously I’m a dark bitch that loves to make you squirm with disgust at the details of my shallow Kardashian obsessed life, but i’ll try and show a bit of positivity (and maybe a GIF of my tits or something if things get worse) and share some really fucking hard-gold new music with you.

Shea Soul – Perfectly – DJ Trizzy remix (http://twitter.com/DJTrizzyUK)

this is the finest, smoothest juice of a house track. No concentrate, no dilution, no clouds just pure nectar. Like dousing rum with ginger, Trizzy heated up this beautiful Shea Soul vocal with beach drums and some deep house production. When I’m sitting smushed on the northern line at rush-hour with a wet umbrella jabbing at my knees, this tune is like obsessively reading the massage-treatment section of a Health Spa website – you can almost believe you’re somewhere nice being a smug bitch. Go hit up Trizzy on Twitter he’s a way decent fella and tell him to make more like this❤

Gwen Stefani’ “Luxurious” – Lapalux bootleg edit (http://twitter.com/Lapalux)
download here: Luxurious

I know how fash and OTM slowed down chopped & screwed R&B edits are right now.  They are the audio equivalent of being an attention seeker with a dip dye. But this Lapalux blend of Gwen Stefani is HEAVEN MATE. The huge synth waves and distorted vocals are consuming, I can listen to it for 3 seconds and I feel instantly blazed and blissed out ‘WE KNOW HOW TO LIVE BABY’  it’s clever and meaty like a Nandos business platter. Go download it and lie down, go on.

~ by milkteef on August 10, 2011.

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