She wax it all off ¬ Mr Miyagi

This ain’t new – don’t pipe out and tell me I’m dragging. But the more I obsessively listen to it like a 13 year old fan-club manager, the doper it sounds.  The Chris Breezy dick shot scandal #OMG left the gossip bloggers screen grabbing every lunge move in this video.  But I’m way too obsessed with the concept of lipsing with Lil Wayne in that electronic goblin mask. In the cage.  With Busta rapping hyper speed sweet nuttings through the bars.

I don’t want this blog sounding hiphop-honeyz fan-fiction so I’m gonna just let you download this response track from Sophie Fresh which is practically identical with lyrics like  “I’m still a Rock Star and not a Pop Star”.  You don’t need to know much apart from the are called Kye, Crystal, and Cole and look like this:

Have the track for free here g’wan now: Look at Me Now – Sophia Fresh Remix


~ by milkteef on March 23, 2011.

One Response to “She wax it all off ¬ Mr Miyagi”

  1. Lookin Hot Girlz Doin Ya’ll Thing

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