$$ Rich Bitch $$

Yo-Landi Vi$$er is in my All-Time-Babes-Of-My-Life eclipsing the standards of  Mutya Buena and The Appleton Sisters and even Janet Jackson . She trickles verses off her sharp little tongue about Satan flirting, coats made of rats, dick enticing, ca$h pocketing and spliff passion.  Lyrics like:

“blindfold you, lock your hands up with the handcuffs
even though you lying down, i can make you stand up
spirits in the room tickle you like a sneaky prawn
fuck a pen and pad, i write my rhymes with a Ouija board”

Make me wanna get ZEF inked across my chest. Yo-Landi makes Die Antwood tip from something you play on the sneak at 4am when everyone in the club is dizzy – to something you can acceptably Google for 4 hours a day. Srsly.  The new video for Rich Bitch is a visual explosion of gold latex and toilet scenes that will make you twitch. The song is a waste of time, no lies here, Evil Boy was far superior. The focus on Yolandi’s accent is way too packaged and polished, and Ninja needs way more input to round off the track. It ain’t futuristik but it is fockin funny.

What a fuckin’ sucker. see you later, masturbator.




~ by milkteef on March 9, 2011.

One Response to “$$ Rich Bitch $$”

  1. ay yo wtf, that aint DJ Hi Tek at the end

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