I’m talking ’bout CHU

You all know my deep rooted heart-throbbing love for Ms Dynamite. She’s a fucking force tighter than any other UK MC (‘part from maybe Lady Chann and the maximum time I’ve got for Tempz) and 2010 has been kind to the gyal.  Gettin’ Redlight to smash his guns all over a bass-rollercoaster track with a harsh chattin WOT YU TALKIN ABAHT chorus is a smart next step. This is part of the summer hook-ups that have us all grinding across pon de floor alongside Toddla T and Wayne Marshall ‘Sky Surfing’ and Gyptian and Nikki ‘Hold Yuh’.

We’ve been slapping the tune around for a few months and this week the video dropped into my lap like a hotrock. It ain’t breaking freshground or flexing a $$$ budget, but pinching off chunks of M.I.A and Rihanna’s Rude Boy has paid off for Dynie – that floral leather jacket and ‘ard gurl pout is dreamy.  Keep it bubbling Dyn-a-mi-tee-hee you’re on a throne right now.

~ by milkteef on August 12, 2010.

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