comin outta my shirt and then the skirt came down

I’ve started a new DJ residency at this 90s hip hop/R’n’B night called Jail Bait – it’s totally PEACE and I get to grind about the DJ booth with my original Milk Teeth sister Fifilicious. Here we are being babes, chain smoking, planning our Lil Kim tattoo and talking about if doing Lil Wayne is acceptable even though he’s 5 inches shorter than both of us amazons. (P.S it’s totally acceptable).

We’ve been smashing out the kind of liquid golden silky tracks that yank your brain into Impulse Vanilla Kisses/Charlie Red territory. Sittin on inflatable sofa’s, painting your nails with tippex, getting your eyebrow pierced on a underage holiday to Newquay and wearing matches VON BITCH vests from the Sunday market.  One of my ultimate 90’s items is ‘Tweet – Oops (Oh My)’ which gets everybody into wettie territory instantly. FiFi plucked this cover version from Theophilus London, produced by mighty mighty Hudson Mohawke, outta her hardrive and we’re smitten harder than a Year 9 with 2 bottles of Taboo.

Keep it & clutch it forever:

Theophilus London – Oops (Tweet Cover) (Produced by Hudson Mohawke) z-share

Theophilus London – Oops (Tweet Cover) (Produced by Hudson Mohawke) ysi

The clever hot-potato has smashed the sh!t outta a whole host of beauty on his recent mixtape ‘I Want You’ there’s an Ellie Goulding blend that borderline makes me not want to scratch her in the face, which is a refreshing concept for me. Download the whole hefty thang for FRE$ right here: Theophilus London – I Want You He describes the whole affair as “touching on LA electrofunk, UK indie, tropical escapade and obscure afropop you never knew existed, these are stories from the way we live now: missed connections and misunderstandings, video chats and retweets, returns and deliverables.” WHATEVS it sounds like a three course pizza buffet with free refills in Miami. Deal.

Thephilus web-cam-cyber-hot Justin Bieber too (he didn’t but…) his blog will explain.

~ by milkteef on July 22, 2010.

One Response to “comin outta my shirt and then the skirt came down”

  1. The TL mixtape is rad. This cover is a pure bomb

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