Milk Teeth Mix from ADHDJS

Milk Teeth spend a zillion hours every week rooting through our inboxes like a crystal studded jumble sale – searching for the gold plated and vomming up the stagnant’n’rotten.
Jared Philippo, aka ADHDJS, lifted my organs with this nostalgically rooted UKG Milk Teeth Mix a few months ago.  Now everytime I’m on the train home, head dropping dangerously close to some pinstripe prick hogging the arm rest, I get drifts of Zed Bias, Wookie and Pluto serenading my napping.  The brash strip train lighting becomes egg yolk sunshine at Aiya Napa beach and the warm bottled, over-fucking-priced Evian that I’m clutching transforms into a knock off Cherry Veeba. So thanks to Jared my commute back to the seaside from 1Xtra towers is now a far more pleasant one ya know.

I was gonna rob a snap from his Facebook, but figured I might get locked down for privacy invasion so instead napped this high quality Google image of ADHD brainz.
Once you’ve bathed in this 2-step WARMTH you can go see ADHDJS playing his monthly Fabric residency at Union, Back of the Q at Corsica Studios and his music vibes monthly column in Super Super magazine.  Youth aside – this fella is doing so many big things right now – he’s gonna go BOOM.

NEW LINK – Milk Teeth UKG mix – ADHDJS

Zed Bias – Neighbourhood (EL B remix)
Liam Don ft dolly Bailey – More than Ever (Lee Viner Remix)
Ayumi Hamasaki – Seasons (Bump & Flex Mix)
Keesha  – Somebodys baby (2 step remix)
Baffled – Going On
Basement Jaxx – You can’t stop me (Stephen Emanuel Remix)
Corrupted Cru – Poison (Zoom & DBX Remix)
DJ Phantasy – Music Is My Life (Steve Gurley Vocal mix)
E-Smoove – Déjà vu (Matts Dub)
Groove Chronicles – Masterplan
Groove in motion – Be the one
Lenny Fontana – Spirit of the sun (Lady Spirit Remix)
Nicky prince – Strong Enough
Pluto – Can I get A
Remarc – TNT (original mix)
Shut up & Dance – No:Doubt
The Jam Experience – Feel my love
Wookie – Back up
Forbsey – Take that
Genius Crew – Waiting
Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta Get Thru This (DND Remix)
Roll Deep ft Geeneus & Wiley – Wickedest Ting
Roll Deep – I Will not loose
Smoking Cheeba – I Smoke Marijiauna
Smoking Cheeba – When I was a youth


and if you wanna send us your audio for enjoyment, stick em here: milkteethcrew at – and that doesn’t mean YOU gyal who keeps sending over greek trance music with sweaty pill heads in the homemade videos. Nah ta.

~ by milkteef on March 25, 2010.

6 Responses to “Milk Teeth Mix from ADHDJS”

  1. links not working mate

  2. all updated now fellas

  3. Hi

    Just stopping by to say hello. Gonna try and come by Milk Teeth’s next event to say hi in person soon.

    From one Brighton blogger to another, I hope we meet soon…

    • Hai Mike. Thanks for the introduction, it would be good to see you at the next one. I’ll send you a FB invite🙂 Take it easy xx LMC

  4. Feeling this mix! Quite loud tho

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