Homegrown GO

Slide over to 1Xtra to vote for your Homegrown Hero this week.

The big team at the station have selected their 10 ultimate UK music icons from the past, present and future. The choice cuts are:

Aswad, Craig David, Derek B, Dizzee Rascal, Goldie, Roni Size, Sade
So Solid Crew, Soul II Soul and Wiley.

This smooth little cut’n’paste montage is a vision of my early double cassette album and cd single from Our Price collection. Derek B looks as fine as any man has, and after his wayyyy early death last year it’s a prime time to wade through some Bad Young Brother nostalgia. Roni Size played at Milk Teeth last year and I gotta say, as someone who doesn’t have DNB ticking through my blood, I saw him fill a room with more stomping and sweat than any night I’ve seen. Craig David did some neat 90s garage vocals, that Artful Dodger ‘Woman Trouble’ track remains one of the bounciest slices of chart 2step we’ve heard, but c’mown, he ain’t worthy of a Hero award right? That’s like giving Damage some R’N’B OF A LIFETIME trophy. Tut.  Now as much as my teen-crush heartstrings wanna click on So Solid Crew, that recent audio disaster ‘Since You Went Away’ makes my brain freeze like a mouldy mini milk. Wiley tugs at my roots, as somebody irreplaceable in grime, but everytime I hear Wearing My Rolex it’s like another chunk of authority melts away. Apart from memorising the last rapping verse from ‘Shine’ when I was 11 and singing it in the garden whilst cartwheeling through the sprinkler – there isn’t too much I can offer for Aswad, the lyrcis are pretty vital though look:

Him a floating like a butterfly, the hurdling man
Yes, me a chat about Colin Jackson
The crowd is roaring, Ian Wright scoring….

Deep.  I was gonna talk about Dizzee, but it’s gonna blend into Wiley comments and then we’ll be thinking about Calvin Harris and everyone will feel cheated. Which leaves me with Soul II Soul, Goldie and Sade…

Goldie is now doing ‘Cash 4 Gold’ adverts which is enough to make me allergic, so I’m down to two. Soul II Soul give me warm honey goosebumps and allow me and my Mom to enjoy the same album without stern words or squirming. But Sade has held my heart since I climbed into the attic and tumbled into my Dad’s dusty vinyl crate – Smooth Operator slipped out and I was smitten 2themax.  Nobody else has captured that espresso smooth vocal quality, with a butter rich sex tone and such pure elegance. Sade is a hero and a fucking BABE.

Vote your own hero now – Don’t choose Craig David for an attempt at witty irony either you dickhead:

~ by milkteef on February 8, 2010.

One Response to “Homegrown GO”

  1. Wiley FTW without a doubt. Wot uuuu call it?

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