Solid Team Are Back

so solid

When we got the tip off for a So Solid re-birth there were visions of Asher D lacing up his Air Max, Ms Dynamite flexing her gunfire vocals and Neutrino bleaching his roots for a strong team reunion. Then we got the video and the hype balloon popped. This is unfortunately, the kind of come-back that stinks of overdrafts and overdue mortgage payments – a need for cash flow and credit.

‘Since you Went Away’ has some high points: Lisa Maffia’s vocals are as sharp and decent as they ever were, Romeo still growls along like a new engine, but the court-side seats and suit\shades combination don’t make us wag our tails the way we hoped – this guy was a uk garage heartTHROB – now he looks like the guy from HSBC that still wears CKOne. Mega puts on a reliable show, some neat rhymes and traditional style, but the groupies and 90’s chorus melody just doesn’t offer enough.

The kind of UKG comebacks we’ve seen recently have been explosive. Ms Dynamite’s ‘Bad Gyal’ is a contender for track of 2009, Maxwell D and his ‘Blackberry Hype’ led rise is a transformation into quality UK Funky and inimitable MC style, We’ve seen Zed Bias sticking a bass heavy luxury seasoning over ‘Neighbourhood’ making something so era-definitive into a contemporary 2009 highlight. MJ Cole has teamed up with some of the UK’s most important DJ’s (L-Vis 1990, Toddla T) and rattled out quality work that pushes his talents in front of a whole new audience. Even Heartless Crew have made a valiant and respectable effort with  ‘The Greatest 09’, with nods to bashment popularity.

So Solid – you’ll always have a warm spot in our heart – but like my year 8 history teacher always said :


~ by milkteef on November 1, 2009.

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