Sweet like’a juice


Maxwell D is a handsome fella that can squeal like a pinched-puppy mid-verse – which I rate as a big skill.

Ever since the prime UKG and very early grime days, Maxwell was pushing loud and essentially London sounds with the other Pay as U Go Cartel team (yep, like Wiley) and is now teaming with stunning producers like Lil Silva, to create fresh uk-funky driven anthems to make your head bounce.

The 1st is a smasher focused on Maxwell’s love for social networking and sms communication, complete with Lil Silva’s ‘Different’ track backing things up – sounds stretched right? It’s ain’t, it’s so SUMMER i wanna package it up and issue UV warnings.

Maxwell D and Lil Silva – Blackberry Hype

Now, any one else who’s brain was owned by UKG in the late 90s will have a warm spot for Sticky, who belongs in the top 3 producers of the entire genre.  ‘Boo’ with vocals from Ms Dynamite was THE TRACK y’know?  Now Maxwell D has stuck some more SMS devotion over Sticky’s ‘Fugitive’ beats and it’s so alive.

Maxwell D and Sticky – Text Text Text

Look out for the full fresh album:  Funky Funky Funky – Maxwell D Takeover, mixed by DJ Sidies. It’s a storm.

~ by milkteef on July 21, 2009.

One Response to “Sweet like’a juice”

  1. Bigup each and every time! MAXWELL D is a sick artist I tell ya!

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