We never thought we’d see grime evolve into tuff boys wearing make-up and practising dance routines on webcam, but we’re kinda happy it has. This UK Funky skank-feverr is taking over iPhones across SE London, Migraine Skank, Stanky Legg Skank, Cell Phone Skank  – Fr3e took it to a higher vision with Tribal Skank: it’s dark, hypnotic and addictive like vintage cough syrup.

Fr3e – Tribal Skank

To stick something traditional in to the skank-edit, Bigzy and Unkle hired a spotlight, a school hall and a booty-crew to create Ringa-Roses. If KIG wasn’t enough nursery rhyme for you, then this will have you gettin’ down LOW.

Unkle Featuring Bigzy – Ringa Roses Skank VIDEO 

Then this track came outta a grime wetdream we once had. JME, Skepta, Wiley, Shorty and Frisco seeking some gals to pour that champagne over.  The low budget make-up aint up to much, but the track is BIG.

Boy Better Know – Too Many Man

~ by milkteef on May 17, 2009.

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